Management of the Firm

MEP has grown substantially since it was founded in 2014, both in size and scope of services for its wide range of national and international clients. Since the Firm’s founding, Marshall Pawar served as the Managing Partner.

In 2023, Mr. Pawar stepped down as Managing Partner and the Firm implemented a committee model for the Firm’s management. This, along with the hire of a Director of Operations & Talent, represented an intentional shift towards our core values of collaboration, innovation and diversity. With this Management Committee model, our goal is to ensure varied perspectives are heard and to remain forward-thinking in our approach to the practice of law and the operation of a business. The Management Committee model allows us to be more nimble, efficient, and adaptive to the benefit of our clients and our employees.

The Management Committee members are :

Each brings their unique experience and perspective to the management and operational success of the Firm.

The Management Committee works closely with our Director of Operations & Talent, Kathleen Brett.