Employment Law

Author: J. Geoffrey Howard

As the MEP staff photo below reminds us, February 26, 2020, was Pink Shirt Day, which is recognized annually worldwide as a day to stand against bullying. For Canadian employers, it is a great reminder that they have an obligation to prevent bullying and harassment in their workplaces and are legally required to have a bullying and harassment policy and to provide their employees with training on this policy.

We are constantly working our clients to ensure they comply with their legal obligations and to help them take a stand against bullying.  Contact us if your organization:

  • does not have a bullying and harassment policy: this is required by law;
  • needs to review or update your policy: this is also mandated periodically by law. We recommend you review it roughly every three years,
  • needs assistance with delivery of training or “train the trainer” materials for employee training on your bullying and harassment policy: this is also mandated by law, including for all new hires and periodic refreshers for other staff; or
  • has questions about complying with your legal obligations regarding your bullying and harassment policy, including dealing with a complaint.

You can contact Geoff Howard at: ghoward@meplaw.ca; 604 891-1184 and/or James Hsu at: jhsu@meplaw.ca; 604-891-1158 for assistance.